The Element Filter Screen consists of a continuous belt comprised of individual filter elements supported by Stainless Steel shafts and rollers. As the water flows through the filter elements the suspended solids are trapped on the face of the belt. The action of the belt removes material from the water flow to be discharged downstream of the screen. The integrated hook on each of the filter elements accommodates the removal of larger debris; objects up to about 3-1/2” can be handled easily.

Due to the interlaced assembly of the filter elements on the belt shafts, the removed screenings are effectively ejected off the face of the belt as the belt follows the formed guides around the screen frame. As the belt enters the discharge area it becomes horizontal which allows for ease of discharge of the material. A rotary brush is also used in this area to minimise the opportunity for any carry over.

In comparison to a conventional climber style screen, the Element Filter Screen is very compact and requires little headroom. This unit is well suited for indoor or outdoor installations with channel sizes ranging from 24” (0.6m) up to 10’ (3m) wide.

Although the majority of the screen components are manufactured from 304SS, UHMW is widely used to significantly reduce wear, noise and replacement costs compared to competitive machines.

A combination utilising the Element Filter Screen in addition to a washer/compactor provides an unbeatable inlet works package that will provide exceptional screening as well as a washed and compacted discharge.


A variety of options are available to best fit your application:

  • 316 Stainless frame and component construction for more corrosive installations
  • Filter elements with spacing of 5/8”, ¼” and 1/8” are readily available
  • Spray wash systems can be added for additional belt cleaning
  • Enclosure panels with or without viewing panels
  • Heat tracing for cold weather outdoor installations
  • Full PLC control panels are available that can offer:
  • Torque monitoring
  • Fluid differential monitoring
  • Speed control for the screen drive system
  • Continuous mode operation during high flow periods
  • Full inlet works package integration


Technical Information:

  • Filter elements
  • 30% Glass Filled Nylon
  • 22,830 PSI tensile strength
  • 5/8”, ¼” and 1/8” element spacing available
  • Structural frame
  • ¼” 304SS plate is formed to create the side frame
  • 3/8”x4”x4” 304SS angle cross members are used to stiffen the frame
  • ½”x2” 304SS flat bar is rolled to create the pathway the belt follows to remove screenings
  • Drive Assembly
  • .5HP and 1HP motors are typical selections for wastewater applications
  • Drives are protected from excessive current and over-torque
  • UHMW drive sprockets are utilised to prevent wear of the filter belt


Head loss calculators are available to aid in selection of the right combination of channel size and screening spacing for your application.