The Spiral Auger Screen uses a static perforated panel to capture solids from the flow within the influent channel. The shaftless flighting, wrapped with nylon brush material, keeps the perforated screen clean and moves the solids up and out of the channel, through the compactor section to the discharge chute.

The tumbling action of the screw works to break down larger pieces of organic material and helps to remove organic material that has become attached to the non-biodegradable screenings that are removed from the influent stream. The screw does not carry the screenings through the compactor zone, it is product pushing product that compacts and dewaters the screenings to provide a cleaner and dryer discharge. There are no springs, fingers or other mechanical devices that require set-up and adjustment. The organic laden water that is removed from the screenings is directed back to the influent channel for use within the treatment plant.

In comparison to alternate screen designs the Spiral Auger Screen requires much less space and offers considerable savings when compared to other perforated plate screening devices. This unit is well suited for indoor or outdoor installations with channel sizes up to 24” wide. The Spiral Auger Screen can also be packaged in septage receiving stations and skid mounted treatment plants as well as used for automated screening in pumping stations in order to remove the need for grinding solids prior to pumping.

Although the majority of the screen components are manufactured from 304SS, UHMW is widely used to significantly reduce wear, noise and replacement costs compared to competitive machines.

A variety of options are available to best fit your application:

  • 316 Stainless frame and component construction for more corrosive installations
  • Perforated screening openings range from ¼” to 1/16”, custom sizes and shapes are available
  • Discharge bagger option can be used to contain putrescent odours
  • Heat tracing for cold weather outdoor installations
  • Full PLC control panels are available that can offer;
  • Rotation monitoring
  • Fluid differential monitoring
  • Speed control for the screen drive system
  • Continuous mode operation during high flow periods
  • Full inlet works package integration

Technical Information:

  • Shaftless flighting
  • (3) sizes ranges are available to best suit your channel size and application
  • Flighting is constructed from AR400 for wear resistance to promote long service life
  • Material of construction
  • Influent screen, 10 Ga perforated plate
  • Trough/transport section, formed 12 Ga sheet
  • Screw wear liner, ½” UHMW
  • Mounting/Pivot frame, painted structural carbon steel
  • Drive Assembly
  • 2HP and 3HP motors are typical selections for wastewater applications
  • Drives are protected from excessive current and over-torque

Head loss calculators are available to aid in selection of the right combination of channel size and screening spacing for your application