The Vortex Grit Removal Chamber uses a specifically sized cylinder, with sloped floors, to slow the flow of the influent to allow heavier particles to settle to the bottom of the chamber. A grit pump is used to remove the collected grit from the bottom of the chamber and move it to a grit classifier for additional treatment to dewater and to remove any attached organics prior to discharge.

The grit pumps can be mounted above the chamber on the operator floor, or installed in a dry well at the invert of the chamber floor depending on which layout best serves the application.

Although the majority of the wetted components are manufactured from 304SS, UHMW is widely used to significantly reduce wear, noise and replacement costs compared to competitive machines.

A variety of options are available to best fit your application:

  • 316 Stainless frame and component construction for more corrosive installations
  • Poured concrete or fabricated chambers can be utilized to suit the application
  • Full PLC control panels are available that can offer;
  • Rotation monitoring
  • Fluid differential monitoring
  • Speed control for the paddle drive system
  • Continuous mode operation during high flow periods
  • Full inlet works package integration to include the grit classifier

Technical Information:

  • Mixing paddles
  • adjustable along the length of the rotating shaft
  • Pitch of paddle can be adjust to create tuned flow patterns
  • Material of construction
  • All wetted parts to be 304 SS
  • Pump mounting frame, painted structural carbon steel
  • Drive Assembly
  • 2HP and 3HP motors are typical selections for wastewater applications
  • Drives are protected from excessive current and over-torque

Head loss calculators are available to aid in selection of the right combination of channel size and screening spacing for your application.